Hemorrhoids are an extremely common problem that affects three out of four adults. Also called piles, this uncomfortable condition is usually preventable. Working with a qualified doctor can help you alleviate the itching, bleeding, and pain associated with this condition. Jonathan I. Warman, MD can offer you strategies to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids. To help remediate your symptoms, call Dr. Warman’s New York City office located on the Upper East Side or book online.

Hemmorhoids Q & A

What are hemorrhoids?

Blood vessels located in your lower rectum and anus can sometimes bulge and swell, similar to the way varicose veins appear on a leg. These bulges, which can occur internally or externally, are called hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids occur inside of the rectum, and it often forms and resolves unnoticed. External hemorrhoids are painful and typically occur from having to use the bathroom frequently. Both types of hemorrhoids are prevalent among adults.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are irritating and aggravating to the adults who have them. Here are a few of the symptoms:

  • Pain, itching, or discomfort
  • Bleeding, blood on toilet paper when you go to the bathroom
  • Swelling in the anal area
  • Protrusion in the anal area caused by an external hemorrhoid

Bleeding is the most common sign of hemorrhoids, but this can also be caused by other conditions, like anal fissures. Seeing your doctor is essential for determining the cause of blood when you go to the bathroom.

What causes hemorrhoids?

The cause of individual hemorrhoids is usually unknown. A few factors that can contribute to their formation include straining to go to the bathroom, sitting for long periods of time on the toilet, and pregnancy.

What are ways to prevent hemorrhoids?

Luckily, there are quite a few strategies to help prevent the irritating flare-up of hemorrhoids:

  • Eat foods high in fiber
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Break sedentary habits
  • Take a warm bath

Once symptoms occur, you can use a topical hemorrhoid-relief cream like Preparation H. In more severe cases, Dr. Warman can remove your hemorrhoids by lancing them in a relatively simple outpatient procedure.

Dr. Warman believes in personalized care. He strives to spend time with his patients to prevent and treat conditions like hemorrhoids. He works to find holistic and homeopathic treatments in conjunction with more mainstream practices.

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