Men and women who prioritize their health find that annual physical examinations are an essential part of staying healthy. A visit with Jonathan I. Warman, MD is an excellent choice for the adults in and around the Upper East Side in New York City who want to meet their health-related goals. Dr. Warman spends time with each patient during their physical examination to form a full picture of their health and develop a personal care plan. To maximize your health, call our office today or book online.

Physicals Q & A

What is a complete physical examination?

An annual physical examination is an ideal time to check in with your doctor and create a full picture of your current and overall health. During a standard appointment, Dr. Warman may check:

  • Vital Statistics: such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels in your blood, height, and weight.
  • Physical Appearance: including palpating your abdomen and checking skin, hair or nails. Dr. Warman may use instruments like a stethoscope to listen to your lungs or an otoscope to look into your ear canal.
  • Lab Tests: like a complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, diabetes screen, thyroid screen or lipid panel. This may involve blood being drawn at the doctor’s office.

What can you expect your doctor to ask at your visit?

Dr. Warman takes time to understand your health history completely. You can help him do that by being prepared with information and questions before your physical examination. Some useful info to provide includes:

  • Current medications
  • Allergy information
  • Health issues
  • Surgeries, medical equipment, or procedures
  • Recent medical tests
  • Health history including family information
  • Names and phone numbers of other physicians
  • Vaccine records

Why should you have an annual physical examination?

A complete physical exam keeps your information current at the doctor’s office. Screening for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer also gives you peace of mind about your health. Treatment for a disease is often easier and more successful when started early.

Physicals also help prevent problems from starting by arming you with the best health advice. Dr. Warman will develop a health strategy for you, often incorporating holistic and homeopathic strategies to ensure your optimal health.

A physical exam by Dr. Warman is a great choice for patients looking to prevent illness and increase health and longevity. Call the office or book online to visit Dr. Warman for personal healthcare.